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Professional Fit

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You are looking to shave time off of personal bests, climb provincial or national rankings, earn a spot at Iron-man world championships or solve chronic injuries that just will not go away. If you have big goals this cycling season, a professional fit is what you need. No detail is overlooked during a professional fit appointment. We start with an extensive background health history. We will discuss all the symptoms related to your current bike setup, identify your preference of riding style and discuss short and long term cycling goals. Next you will undergo a full physiotherapy assessment and each body segment that could contribute to potential pain or a decrease in performance will be checked.

Finally the riding assessment of your current bike fit will help fill in any gaps and in combination with all our previous findings, we now have enough information to start making the necessary changes for cycling success. Cleat position is set first. A sound foot to pedal interface is an extremely important part to get right and it will set the foundation of all other adjustments to come. Saddle fore-aft, tilt and height are next, and we finish off with handlebar reach, drop, tilt, gear shifter and brake position. If injury or ergonomics give evidence for any part changes, I will make the necessary recommendations and connect you with trusted local bike shops who can help with ordering the right parts. Finally if during the physical assessment I find bio-mechanical issues that can in part be resolved by some rehabilitation, we will go through specific home exercises to improve the overall performance of your body.

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