Beginner Fit

Beginner Fit

Bike Fitting Services

Can you still benefit from a bike fit if you are new to cycling, classify yourself as a weekend warrior, use cycling as a supplement to other athletic or fitness training or have no interest in attaching yourself to the bike through your feet with those funny cycling shoes and pedals? The answer is yes! We will discuss your entire health history, isolate current problems on the bike, and determine riding style and your fitness goals. A condensed version of a full physiotherapy assessment will be performed paying special attention to the problem areas.

The above information will be used along with an on bike assessment to set your proper bike seat fore-aft, tilt and height position, handlebar reach, drop, tilt and gear shifter, brake position. If it is determined that you will benefit from any part changes, we will discuss the best options for you and can connect you with trusted local bike shops who can help with ordering the right parts. Finally if during the appointment I isolate any issues that can in part be resolved by some rehabilitation, we will go through some home exercises to improve the overall function of your body.

Kindly send us an email for more information on how to schedule a pre-purchase bike fit.

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