Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we receive from our clients can be found here, but if you can’t find the answers you are looking for please get in touch with us via our contact page here.

If you are interested in booking a professional bike fit with feel free to book online or call our reception at 613 656 0187. For all our other types of services, please email us for more information and scheduling instructions. Please be aware that during our busy season, you will sometimes experience a waitlist of up to 8 weeks. Our sincere apologies, we do everything we can to meet every individual’s on-bike needs as quickly as possible. 

-Cancellation by phone or email 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment = no charge

-Cancellation by phone or email within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment = $125

-No show without notice = charged the full session fee

Physio Bike Fitter is located at 250 City Centre Ave, Suite 302, inside Active Health Institute. If you are familiar with such popular local Ottawa businesses such as Art-Is-In Bakery or Beyond the Pale Brewery, we are neighbours. Active Health Institute is located on the third floor of the office tower at the north end of the complex.

There is plenty of parking located on site. Although the parking lot is managed by Indigo, Active Health Institute and Physio Bike Fitter clients have access to free parking for the duration of their visit. When you arrive, do not register your vehicle on the Indigo App outside as indicated. We will be happy to register your vehicle for you once you are in clinic, all we will need is your license plate number.

Please bring your bicycle, preferably cleaned, in good working order, with air in both tires. Cycling clothing (jersey and shorts) and cycling shoes to change into as you will be riding a trainer for periods of the fit. If you are newer to cycling, comfortable athletic clothing and running shoes are best. We have 99% of what we will need to mount every bike up on a trainer but if your bike comes with a very proprietary thru-axle set up, make sure you bring any adapter necessary to get your bike geared up for the fitting. Mask wearing remains completely optional and at every client’s individual discretion, water bottle and light snack if you wish.

We do our best to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. A full professional fit can take up to 3 hours to perform properly without being rushed. A beginner, pre purchase or second bike fit can take up to 2 hours to perform.

Professional fit = $410.00

Beginner Fit, Pre purchase or Second bike fit (in a 12 month period) = $280.00

Yes! Bike fits performed at Physio Bike Fitter are done by a licensed Physiotherapist or by a Kinesiologist as a delegated act by a Physiotherapist. All of our services begin with a detailed subjective health history, objective physical examination, which includes but is not limited to, posture observation, limb length measurements, active and passive range of motion, strength and flexibility testing as well as an on bike ergonomic assessment.

A bike fit appointment is designed to find the source of a cyclist’s injury. Following the assessment a treatment plan is established which often involves making adjustments to the cyclist’s cleats, saddle and handlebars. Every individual is educated regarding proper on bike body mechanics and given an individualized home exercise program to improve their overall cycling experience.

Following each fit, we offer 3 months of free and unlimited follow ups to help address any on-going cycling related comfort issue. Additionally any fit performed in the fall after October 1 receives a free follow up in the spring of the next riding season to be absolutely sure.