Pre Purchase


Bike Fitting Services

So it is time to upgrade your ride or perhaps add another bike to the existing collection. Whether you are looking new or used, you want the best deal possible! Buyers beware, a deal is really only a deal if the bike is a good fit from the point of sale. We will discuss your previous health history, current problems when riding, riding style, budget and future riding goals. All of this information will be combined with findings from a full physiotherapy assessment of how your body moves as it relates to being comfortable and efficient on a bike.

Finally we will examine your current bike fit setup while riding an indoor trainer and use all of our findings to provide you with the right information you will need to be a smart shopper. Don’t have a bike, no stress we are well equipped with a Retul Body Geometry size cycle to help. In addition to the peace of mind knowing you will be buying the right size of bike for you, the pre-purchase assessment will also be credited back to you after you have purchased a bicycle and now are in need of a full bike fit.

Kindly send us an email for more information on how to schedule a pre-purchase bike fit.

Physio Bike Fitter