Cleat Placement

Cleat Placement

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The number one thing to get right during any bike fit, no matter how basic or specific is the cleat placement. Get it wrong and the rider can suffer from any large number of painful symptoms, as well as performance sucking attributes. Leg length asymmetries, power distribution problems, excessive ankle flexibility, and knee alignment issues all need to be addressed otherwise your entire bike fit has literally started off on the wrong foot! Happy with your bike fit but have never been satisfied with you cleat placement? Bought a new pair of shoes and don’t know where to begin? Never ride a bike outdoors but crush countless indoor miles at home on your Peloton or during an in person spinning suffer fest?

We will go step by step through a full physical assessment to take all the guess work out of your cleat placement and keep your feet, knees and for that matter your entire body happy for as long as you are pedaling a bike.

Kindly send us an email for more information on how to schedule a cleat placement appointment.

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