About Alex

Where it all began

Alex was born and raised in Ottawa. Already very competitive at a young age, his primary sport focus growing up was hockey until grade 11. In high school his interest began shifting to cross country running and after a few years, Alex joined the Ottawa Lions Track and Field club and started focusing on short distance track events.

A year later, for fun, Alex signed up for his first ever triathlon race with friends. Initially never interested in long-distance events, the challenges triathlon presented resonated with him, so he decided from that point forward he would make triathlon his primary sport. At first he raced in local events with friends and family but after participating in a high performance training camp with 5x Ironman World Champion, Craig Alexander, he knew that without a doubt he wanted to pursue and take on the sport more seriously.

Currently, Alex enjoys and thrives in long-distance events. Anything from 70.3 and full-Ironman distances to ultra trail running races, he is always looking for the next challenge that will push him beyond his comfort zone


Alex has experienced incredible race opportunities that have brought him to different continents all over the world! In 2017, he represented Canada at the ITU World Championship in Rotterdam for his age category. This would ultimately be his last short-distance triathlon race before fully transitioning to longer-distance events. At 21, Alex was the youngest athlete to ever complete the Swissman Xtreme Triathlon: a point-to-point triathlon adventure race starting in the southern part of Switzerland, traversing three mountain passes into the central part of Switzerland.

A few years later he also competed at the Canadaman, part of the XtriWorld triathlon race series taking place in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec. If these events weren’t enough, in the summer of 2018, Alex decided to take up ultra trail running and started with one of the world’s toughest ultramarathons, the Canadian Death Race. It is a 125km race course passing over three mountain summits with over 17,000 feet of total elevation change and a major river crossing. For this event, he finished in 18h35 putting himself in 45th/222 overall and 6/29 in the 20–29 age category.


Alex currently holds two undergraduate degrees, a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Bachelor of Science specializing in Human Kinetics. While studying Human Kinetics, Alex developed a passion for anatomy and sports physiology. In his last year, Alex had an opportunity to choose an internship and connecting with James, the Physio Bike Fitter, seemed like an excellent way to blend both of his passions.

Having spent eight months learning the art and science of bike fitting and obtaining a certification in bike fitting from Bike Fit, Alex is looking forward to pursuing a career related to injury prevention and sports performance.

The Covid pandemic has put an unfortunate stop to most of his racing pursuits, but Alex will again be representing Canada at the 70.3 world championships in September 2021 and he is still very much focused on obtaining his professional triathlon license.